Face to Face Tuition

School Readiness

School Readiness sessions including the latest early literacy assessments to work out your child's key learning needs. This level involves lots of play based learning through which foundation skills are built.

Kindergarten to Year 2

Choose from learning areas - general literacy, general numeracy and specific areas like reading, writing and mathematical thinking. This level involves a combination of play based, construction and interactive learning activities designed to support development through later years.

Year 3 to Year 6

Individualised programs developed to work successfully with both the NSW Syllabuses and Australian Curricumlum. Have other subject areas integrated into your child's program such as: visual arts, science, computer coding and drama.

ESL Support

Face to face ESL sessions are designed to support English fluency whilst building the skills to access the school curriculum effectively. Programs are differentiated and teaching methods and materials adapted to suit ESL students.